Tactical Product Design

T.P.D. was formed with a specific purpose, to bring a US version of the AUG(tm) to the American marketplace. To that end T.P.D. has left no stone unturned to accomplish this goal.

The lead designer and president is Kent W. Luttrell, a former product design & development process engineer and visual modeler. Beginning in 1989 he worked as a consultant and contract worker for three top ten design firms as well as an electrical engineering firm in Los Angeles. At this time while between design projects he also worked in the film industry in the capacity of special effects and stunts.
(See www.IMDB.com -Kent Luttrell)

Well, being a firearms enthusiast and living in California just don’t mix. As a result in 2002 Kent decided that it would be best to move back up to his childhood home in Portland Oregon. It was there that he began his research and preliminary work on the AXR rifle.

Flash forward, it is now 2006. After two abortive attempts to secure foreign born parts from the two main manufacturers of the AUG(tm), T.P.D. decides to go it alone. No financial or professional institutions would decide to engage in this venture.

Then there was Pete. Pete Athens was a valuable asset early on and indeed to very late in the game. He ultimately was integrated into another firm with similar goals in mind. We wish all the best to Pete as always.

Now here we are and after hundreds of hours of work, we are on the brink of releasing the AXR an Advanced eXtensible Rifle. Truly one of the finest piston operated semi-automatic rifles in the world. No expense has been spared and no shortcuts have been made. All components have been finished with superior materials, superior design, and superior manufacturing principles.

The Principles

  • Kent W. Luttrell: President/Designer
  • Julianne Luttrell: Managing partner/sale manager
  • Dilan : Mechanical Design engineer
  • Dennis: Mechanical Design engineer
  • Kent: Mechanical Design engineer
  • Mike : upside down, inside out thinker (mold engineering)
  • Ryan : rapid prototype engineer
  • Rick: CNC engineering
  • Derrick: CNC engineering
  • Bill: CNC engineering
  • Kent: CNC engineering
  • Loren: Graphics design
  • Jim: foundry/casting/metallurgist
  • DPW: 3-D imaging
  • Warren & Dorsey Luttrell: Entrepreneurs/Genes
  • The Wilson Arms: Barrel manufacturer
  • Magpul: Magazine cooperative manufacturing
  • Robert R. (IT Spec Ops): Information Technologies / Website Design / Tactical Product Advisor
  • Staci C. (IT Spec Ops): Website Photography / Tactical Photography Advisor
  • Stuart F. (IT Spec Ops): Information Technologies / Website Design / Contact Agent